Photo Challenge

Welcome to a new update to my blog!  I have had an interest in photography for a few years now which continued throughout my studies at college.  Now I am a university student studying a different subject I don’t have as much time to take photographs anymore even though I still enjoy it.

I have decided to try and commit to taking part in the Weekly Photo Challenge as a way of being able to continue with my photography.  I’m also hoping this page will be a way for me to improve as well as creating inspiration.

Wish me luck,

Holly x



Corner: Photo Challenge

Theses are a collection of photographs showing various different corner points and angles.  I feel like this combination of images is just the start for the photos I could have taken for this theme.  Over time I could add to these photographs to create more pieces following the theme or more closely relate to the … Continue reading Corner: Photo Challenge

Waiting: Photo Challenge

This weeks Photo Challenge was Waiting.  The theme was all about being able to show the sense of waiting within a photograph.  For this I decided to use my dog, amongst the surroundings of his morning walks. If you like my photographs why not have a look at some of my other posts on my Photo … Continue reading Waiting: Photo Challenge

Texture: Photo Challenge

Being someone that studied photography through college I have always loved taking pictures whether it’s a picturesque landscape or some family photos.  Each and every photograph can look different and unique in some way. I’ve been thinking about joining the challenge for a while but had never found the time to take some more pictures. … Continue reading Texture: Photo Challenge

Ooh, Shiny!: Photo Challenge

Hi Everyone! This weeks challenge “Ooh, Shiny!” is all about distractions and diversions.  Before thinking about photographs I wanted to have a think about what distracts me from whatever it is I’m supposed to be doing.  I considered different options but I came to the conclusion that nature is the best distraction for me, being … Continue reading Ooh, Shiny!: Photo Challenge

Structure: Photo Challenge

This Photo challenge was all about hidden structures that would usually go unnoticed.  The obvious choice is probably nature to explore but only because its the category most true to the theme.  Most forms of nature have many different depths ones that can be seen and ones that can’t when taking a first look at … Continue reading Structure: Photo Challenge