Welcome to my blog! My name is Holly.

Someone once told me that you should blog about what you love and what’s important to you and for me that could be anywhere between fashion to travel.

For me, my love of fashion started young I liked experimenting with clothes for both myself and my twin sister Amber.  My passion for fashion continued through the study of textiles during high school and college which made me become a more diverse creative.  I aspire to have a role within the fashion industry one day supported by much encouragement from close family and friends to always follow my dream.

I have always loved holidays especially the ones going to new places.  When I was younger holidays were about being together and meeting new people as a family whereas now different trips are all new adventures.  I have spent some time living in Australia which enlightened me to a whole new way of living, particularly living on the beach but more so how interesting it was to explore the culture.  In the future I plan to travel the world to explore the culture, atmosphere and the events that take place in each new place.  As while you’re still travelling you’re still living.