Who I am and why I’m here

For those of you that already follow me, you may already know who I am but for those of you who don’t I’m a fashion student most of the time.  Although, I am more than just a student I also work at a charity life skills centre to help educate children, I am a Sales team member at a retail store and a member of the bar and waitressing team at a local pub so I like to think I have many different skills.

I studied English Literature through college and have continued to study Textiles and Fashion so for me the blog is a way to show what I’m still learning as well as still being able to write because you never want to stop something when you love it.

After the recent busy few months I have had the time to reflect and re-consider some of the things I first thought were important about blogging and maybe change my whole outlook of my blog.  I believe that when we think of blogging there’s this stereotypical bubble around what a blogger should be or what content you should post which puts more pressure on new bloggers who are just writing because it’s something they love to do.  Having some time to think, I’ve realised how what you post and what your blog is to you shouldn’t really be affected by what other people might think of it.  We, myself included get stuck when it comes to writing because were constantly left wandering about whether anyone will read it, like it or whether it’s good enough.

The overall goal of a blog should be that it’s an outlet for the author to write from the heart about the things that are important to them whether it’s; sharing work, advice, photos, travels or just having a moan.  We should be allowed to do that because at the end of the day our blog reflects who we are as people and hopefully what we write about will help or influence other people.

I want my blog to be considered a part of me, whether it hold my daily adventures or daily moans, I want to create something solid, something lasting.   This for me is the turning point, change in direction and hopefully the start of something better.

Stay up to date for some new things appearing on the blog very soon.


Holly x


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