The Golden Tea Party

Recently it was my Grandparents 50th Wedding Anniversary, their Golden Wedding.  To celebrate we organised a vintage tea party with many friends and family to help mark the occasion.

The letters spell out there name with a slightly rustic edge that looked perfect when they were all lit up drawing the attention to the table where the cake was.  We also had a sweet cart that had been created using a box and covered in fake grass to highlight the vintage tea party theme.  To decorate the tables we used hessian fabric runners, fabric doilies in the centres which held the focus of the cream and green jugs holding different bunches of flowers.  The theme was easy to create but looked effective when it was all presented together.

As always no party is a party without a photo booth, the main posers for the day were obviously the younger guests which found it fun and a laugh.  Although a good selfie appeals to most people to try and get the best pictures from the occasion.

Has anyone else been party planning recently? Maybe these pictures might inspire some more parties for you all.


Holly Xx


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