Why is it important to take a day out?

We are all the same.  Without even realising it we are all the same, we all work in exactly the same way.  We try our hardest not to subject to the same routines day in day out – the routines that become predictable, almost the inevitability of life no matter who you are but these become unavoidable after a while and we just give in to them because we can’t be bothered or we lose interest in things we aren’t more familiar with.

This is our down fall.  Have you ever wondered what happens if we just stick to the same routines for the rest of our lives? Does that make us boring? And what about missing out on opportunities because we no longer have the spontaneity to do something out of the ordinary, does that mean we no longer have adventure?

To me, adventure is so important in life, it’s what keeps life interesting and more importantly most people say adventure is what keeps you young and I think we will all need that eventually.

We all manage to fall into the same trap of doing the same things because that’s what’s easy, but life isn’t supposed to be easy and sometimes I think we can forget that.  Life needs to be full of adventure and excitement at whatever point in your life you are at else what else is there to look forward to.

Being able to look in at your life as an outsider is key to being able to notice the negatives and positives that you have happening around you.  A better outlook on your life means you have the time and space you need to make adjustments and improve yourself development.

So, after having a think about my life and what I had been dealing with recently I realised I had fell into the same trap and I didn’t want to be stuck there any longer so I did something about it.  We went for a day trip to Skegness, not the most glamorous place, but just going in a car and going somewhere is the best solution.  A day trip is an ideal way to come out of a rut because it immediately takes you somewhere else other than where you usually are which means you don’t just have your daily routine.

Reality has to come first, so sometimes it’s not always possible to leave your day to day life behind but every now and again everyone should take a break, why not try live in someone else’s shoes for a while and enjoy the adventure.

To keep up with this new idea, I have decided to try and do something things that I wouldn’t normally do over the summer.  And if I was you I’d do the same!  Any suggestions would be appreciated, there’s only so many things to do or places to go that one person can think of.


Holly xx


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