Photoshoot 2: Shirt 

Photography is such an important thing, something that everyone uses without even thinking about whether it’s using your phone or a camera.  I enjoy photography because I believe it preserves every memory you have which in some cases could be forgotten, for those of us that have too many it’s hard to remember everything we’ve ever done.

Another way photography can be used now is to promote products or sometimes work, the latter is more accurate for me.  Finishing my latest project, the photography aspect was really important to be able to promote and present the shirt I made in the best way.

The shirt was influenced by transport and vehicular elements so after research into different locations and aspects to use in photography I managed to improve my photographs from the first shoot in Bristol which I have already included in my blog.

SDC12721 2SDC12722SDC12723SDC12730SDC12761SDC12776SDC12813SDC12815SDC12829 2

What do you take photographs of?


Holly x



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