Photo Shoot

Bristol was the chosen location for our photoshoot for our current project so, last week I visited with some of my friends to find some interesting places around the city to take photographs of a model wearing the shirt I had made.

The shirt had been designed and made inspired by The Transport Museum in Coventry.  I visited the museum many times to draw from objects and parts of vehicles in order to create a design for the shirt I was in the process of making.  I decided to use laser cutting to embellish the fabric pieces with a design of different cogs from bikes I found around the museum.  This technique works well to represent the themes of the transport museum as well as having more of a fashion edge with the see-through elements of the shirt surrounded by the laser cutting.

We stumbled across a back street alley that was lined with different garage doors and fences which I thought would work well to combine the different textures with the shirt to give the photographs a more urban/street feel to them. The second location from the photographs was an old worn bridge which created an industrial feel to the images highlighting the mechanical design elements to the shirt.


Let me know what you think,

Holly x


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