Herbert Art Gallery Visit

On Tuesday and Thursday last week I visited The Herbert Art Gallery & Museum in Coventry for two different lectures on Fashion history.  The lectures each contained both written information as well as providing example of garments to highlight the elements of each era which Ali – a professional with archives was able to explain in much more detail about each year and the clothing we were shown.  The first session was focused on the 19th Century, and the second lecture was focused on the 20th Century.

As well as visiting the gallery & museum for the fashion history lectures I thought it would be an ideal time to look into some interesting spaces for an upcoming photoshoot the followin week in Bristol I need to prepare for that will be focused on my shirt influenced by the Coventry Transport Museum.  It was helpful to be able to visualise different settings for where the photographs could be taken or to replicate the composition I have already found I like to direct my next photoshoot.

Herbert Art Gallery

The Herbert Art Gallery & Museum is managed by the Culture Coventry charitable trust.

The formation of the trust in October 2013 brought together three of Coventry’s museums and visitor attractions:

  • Coventry Transport Museum, home to the world’s largest collection of British road transport, including the two fastest cars in the world.
  • The award-winning Herbert Art Gallery & Museum, which celebrates the city’s culture, history and arts.
  • The Lunt Roman Fort, a fully excavated and partially reconstructed turf and timber fort, including the only gyrus in the Roman Empire.


Between them, the Culture Coventry attractions proudly tell stories of Coventry’s unique history to over 800,000 visitors per year from around the world.

Culture Coventry can offer inspiring and welcoming activities where the diverse communities of our city can explore and celebrate culture and identity.

19th Century


20th Century


Stay up to date ready for my next blog when I visit Bristol for a photoshoot.

All the best,

Holly x


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