An Update: German

As some of you may know, one of my resolutions for this new year was to learn another language in particular, German especially with visiting Berlin early on in the year.  I started my German lessons at the beginning of February with some difficulty because I found that it was completely different to other languages I have already learned such as; French and Italian.

The class is around 20 people although there is never that many people that turn up every week which is beneficial to learning as it’s easier to learn in a smaller group.  The lessons are organised in a way where the tutor speaks to us in German as much as possible so that we have more of an opportunity to understand the language in a short amount of time.  This style of teaching means that we can cover many different topics in conversations while learning some of the more important factors that come with learning any language.

I thought it would be good to include some of the things I have learned so far with me being halfway through my German lessons.  I understand that even though I’ve learned a many things already  I’m sure there is still lots to learn and I will continue to learn more about the language even after I have completed the lessons.

So  some of what I have learnt so far are;

  • Mein name ist Holly.  Ich komme aus Großbritannien.  Ich wohne in Coventry.
  • Ich habe eine Schwester und ich habe keinen Bruder
  • Meine lieblingsfalbe ist schwarz
  • Meine beruf ist der Schüler
  • Zum frühstück esse ich das musli
  • Zum frühstück trinke ich der Orangensaft
  • Zum mittag esse ich das wiener schnitzel
  • Zum Nachtisch esse ich gerne der Kuchen
  • Zu Abend esse ich der käse und das Brot


Hopefully there are only a few little mistakes there or maybe none at all! I’m really enjoying learning a language again its something that I miss from being at high school.  I think learning a language is a good way to learn about a new country and makes me excited for new adventures to travel.  I’m already thinking about what language I’m going to start learning after I’ve finished my German lessons.  Do any of you speak another language?


Holly x





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