Grocery Haul

After travelling for quite a while as well as keeping myself busy with other things I have realised that my eating habits have become much worse.  Therefore, I have made a decision to undergo a detox and try to live a healthier lifestyle, starting with what I’m eating.

My local supermarket happens to be a Sainsbury’s, when I went in to do my weekly food shopping I decided to make a list of some things that I knew that I wanted to cook.  This not only stopped me from buying what I don’t need but also I managed to save some money by planning ahead.

I have listed some of the meals I decided to cook below, I think it can be really easy to eat healthily as long as you make the time to cook.



Frozen Fruit and Vanilla Natural Yoghurt


Apple, Natural Yoghurt with oats and pecans


Wholemeal pitta with red pesto, rocket and feta


Wholemeal pitta, chorizo, cheese and rocket


Seeded Flatbreads with chorizo and rocket


Roasted vegetable and feta Tostada


Vegetable fajitas


Chicken and spinach pasta


Chicken cooked in red pesto and mozzarella with wedges


Mini flatbread vegetable pizzas



I’m still trying to be healthy but its not as easy as it was in the beginning, any recipe suggestions would be appreciated.

Holly x



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