A Good Book

We all manage to find a book or a series of books that we manage to fall in love with for one reason or another and mine is the ‘Beautiful’ book series by Jamie McGuire.  The series is one that I have read time and time again but haven’t managed to recently with being so busy with other projects so I thought that I’d share it with you to enjoy as well.

The series of books have been created around an ordinary girl – Abby, falling for a typical bad boy one of the five Maddox brothers with only their father as a role model.  After each sentence the novel unfolds further making it harder to stop reading and encouraging the feeling of being a part of the book.

It must have been a couple of years ago when I bought the first and second book in the series ‘Beautiful Disaster’ and ‘Walking Disaster’.  I have to say I didn’t read them straight away but as soon as I’d read the first I moved on to the second and was instantly hooked by the world that McGuire had created.

Beautiful Disaster


The first novel which is written as Abby – the ordinary girl at college, who just so happens to get herself into a whole lot more trouble when that’s the one thing that she is trying to avoid.  When reading this book first I enjoyed it, I felt it was easy to sympathise with the emotions Abby experienced and understand what she was experiencing.

Walking Disaster


The second novel, exactly the same as the first but written from the point of view of Travis Maddox who finds himself starting a long line of things that he is doing for the first time.  After reading this book, I enjoyed this version of the story much more because it was more interesting for me as a girl to understand the way a boy experienced things or the way their thought process worked.  I feel like there was much more emotion conveyed in his voice which showed true convincing feelings that could be recognised in relationships today.

A Beautiful Wedding


A Beautiful Wedding is like the happy ending after all the damaging events that had happened between them but it’s never a simple ending and there are still many hurdles to overcome along the way.

Maddox Brother series – follows on from the beautiful series it is suggested to read walking disaster first.

Beautiful Oblivion – the only book so far that I have read from this series –


This is a story about another one of the Maddox brothers on his journey to finding happiness with the woman of his dreams, but yet again nothing comes easy for these Maddox boys.

Also to read from this series are; 

And for even more reading more Maddox family books are;

 I promise as soon as you’ve started reading you won’t be able to stop!

 Holly x


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