Paris Trip 5.02.17-9.02.17

Recently I travelled to Paris to submerge myself within the fabric shops there so that I know what they hold and will be able to return in the future to source fabric for different projects.  Also while there I was able to explore more of Paris which is the one thing I have always wanted to do and never been able to on the two times I had previously visited Paris.

We left on Sunday at about 11.30 from Coventry to begin a long journey by coach to Paris.  The journey on the coach was long and exhausting, I had to keep myself busy doing things so that I didn’t fall asleep or begin feeling travel sick.  Towards the end of travelling we watched films which made the last leg of the journey much more bearable.  The only problem with travelling by coach was the inevitable feeling of wasting a day.

Monday we began the day with a continental breakfast at the hotel before leaving on the coach at 10am.  We visited the Pierre Cardin museum first of all which holds over 300 different outfits that we were able to look at as well as hear some of the history behind each piece. 

On Tuesday we decided to spend the day more like tourists so we visited the Sacré Coeur first of all which was beautiful inside and actually quite compelling to see the amount of people sat in the pews of the church paying their respects.  After we used the metro to get to L’Arc de Triomphe, where we managed to take some relatively good pictures of the outside of the famous archway.  We took the tunnel underneath to find a way out of the centre of the roundabout and noticed a sign for climbing to the top of the L’arc de triomphe to which we found that it was free for people aged 18-24 that are EU citizens.  The amount of stairs to get to the top was too many in my eyes especially the spiral staircases that make you feel unwell however all of that was worth it to see the view at the very top.  Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t great although we still managed to take some great pictures and see a fair amount from the top.

Next on our list was the Eiffel tower so we decided to walk from L’arc de triomphe it didn’t look that far when we were looking at it from the top of the archway we thought, that was until we got a little lost and ventured off too far in the opposite direction.  It didn’t take us that long to get our bearings before we were standing facing the Eiffel tower eating crepes – how French! It was without a doubt not even a question as to whether we would go to the top of the tower or not we were there you have to go to the top else what’s the point?  So for some reason we decided it would be a good idea to take the stairs in order to stop at different levels on the way up to take photographs and see what Paris looks like from different heights however, the steps were a lot harder work than we ever imagined we climbed over 700 steps to the second floor before getting a lift to the very top.  Even though it was exhausting and I said never again – I would definitely do it again, it was the most amazing experience and I always love being high up on a building being able to overlook the whole city.

Even though we were tired we still had some sights that we wanted to see, there was no stopping us so we carried on walking along La River Seine after coming down from the top of the tower to try and find the love-lock bridge and Le Louvre.  After walking for what seemed like miles we found the original bridge that held all the locks however it was no longer there as we imagined it to be, what was the locks had been replaced with glass so that no more locks could be hooked onto the bridge.  All that remained of the original bridge was groups of padlocks on the freestanding lamps along the edge of the bridge.  I have to say I was disappointed after seeing and hearing so much of the [love lock] bridge only to find it didn’t exist anymore but with a bit of luck we managed to find a substitute bridge where people have started to place locks along the bars representing their love and relationships.

On the Wednesday, our last day in Paris we took part in a coach tour in the morning which was a useful way to see all of the sights in Paris some of what we had already seen but some of it what we had yet to see.  Also the host of the tour was able to provide us with some historical background to some of the sights in Paris that are popular with many tourists.  We also found the Louvre after searching around the centre for a while, the building itself is really quite something – being curious we decided to go have a look in the museum to find this was another tourist attraction where we could enter for free as an EU Citizen.  The museum was good to see, I especially liked the Marie Antoinette exhibition that showcased all her personal items as well as furniture and décor.  The problem was the building was so big we didn’t have enough time to look around all of the exhibits but that just gives me a reason to go back.

Before returning to the UK on Thursday we attended Premier Vision to view the latest fabric, trends and designers.

Photographs will be to follow.

Holly x


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