What does it means to be alone?

A state of solitude is being alone – something that no one ever wants to experience but yet for so many people the feeling of loneliness is unavoidable. 
There can be both positive and negative effects of solitude. One of the main rewards of solitude is freedom, having the freedom to make your own decisions without the influence of anyone else and the freedom that nobody else’s decisions can affect your own. Another is freedom through creativity being able to explore different options without anything holding you back. Also a positive can be that there are no distractions from anyone else making it easier to concentrate on yourself as a person which leads to the most important thing – development of yourself as a person and being able to discover your own identity. 

In Religious contexts, solitude can be viewed by some saints as a preferred silence and found immense pleasure in their own uniformity with God.  

The obvious negative of solitude is loneliness, being separated from people can induce some serious consequences of mental illness, social rejection and unhappiness. What is hard to understand is that isolation can also be used for punishment in prisons or for certain people at risk knowing the effects it may cause the person to experience. 

I would suggest that I am one of the lucky few people who has a twin sibling – a sister and therefore should never have to experience the feeling of being alone. However, recently alone is how I feel more so than ever before. Even though I know we have an everlasting connection, being away from her is the hardest part – to me that is what loneliness is – or would be. I miss having my sister there with me to go through the different motions in life or even just daily events that occur, it means I have no one there in my corner whenever I might need someone. 

What’s even more isolating could be travel which can more often than not a lonely adventure. Even though I never travel alone – it can sometimes feel lonely because of the unfamiliar surroundings of the country or different place you are visiting. 

I think what’s important to remember is that even when we feel alone there is always going to be someone there waiting for you no matter where you are or what you are doing. And that’s an easy thing to forget. 

Have any of you ever experienced the feeling of being alone?

Holly x 


One thought on “What does it means to be alone?

  1. Rachael O'Neill says:

    Interesting post Holly, loneliness is a very complicated topic and means different things to different people. I rarely feel alone, but sometimes feel disconnected from people. Like I go through phases where my relationships feel artificial and not deep. But it always passes and there are always things you can do to change how you feel. Thanks for posting Holly xx

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