What to eat?

Food, I love food, who doesn’t?  Writing this now is probably going to make me hungry too.  Food is one of the most important things to consider when travelling, especially the enjoyment of trying new things and experiencing the lifestyle of the visiting country.

Luckily the hotel that we were staying in included breakfast which made the mornings a lot easier with being able to eat quite early.  Also this prepared us for the day meaning we had more time when we left the hotel to be able to go to the fashion events and explore the city.  Choices for breakfast were varied between waffles with cinnamon sugar, a much healthier bowl of fruit or a continental favourite, croissants.

For lunch we would usually find somewhere near to where we were when we were hungry between a very busy schedule.  Usually for lunch we would have a much lighter meal which would more often than not be a toastie or another form of sandwich with alternative fillings.  After a full morning one day we decided to have a bigger meal for lunch which happened to be a cheese burger and chips from a restaurant in Kreuzberg on our way back to the hotel after an event.  Some days I would have a hot drink such as a Latté or a black tea and others a cold drink much more refreshing with a meal.  My favourite meal was on the last day to drink we decided to have a smoothie, the flavour of mine was mango which was both healthy and tasted good.  To eat I had a toasted flatbread filled with chicken and pesto which is one of my favourite things to eat at home.

Dinner was interesting, usually when I travel I love to eat in typically local restaurants and sample the food of that particular country.  However, whilst in Ostbahnhof Berlin, we found it difficult to find something typically German if there ever was such thing.  So for two nights we ate in Kreuzberg which was about a 20 minute walk from the hotel, on the first night we ate at a Mexican restaurant called Que Pasa, and enjoyed enchiladas, fajitas not forgetting the cocktails.  On the second night we walked back again and ate in an Indian restaurant called Sadhu.  To eat I had a chicken tikka masala curry with rice, a naan bread, and a side of poppadum’s.  The atmosphere in the restaurant was intimate and welcoming making it an enjoyable experience.  On Thursday night we had been in the centre all day exploring the city so we stopped at a BBQ kitchen restaurant near to the Hackescher Markt station.  With Thursday being our last night I decided to spoil myself a little and ordered a rump steak with a side of fries, it also came with a side salad and garlic butter, this would have had to have been my favourite dinner of the week while in Berlin.

Keep updated theres still more to come about my trip to Berlin.

Holly x


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