Berlin Look Book

Starting the year, I wanted to take every opportunity that I was given in order to experience new things so, I was very much looking forward to my trip to Berlin Fashion Week which was the week previous.  The lead up to the trip was intense, there was a lot of information to organise and worst of all we didn’t really know what to expect, which in some cases can also work out to be a good thing.  With this idea in mind I had no expectations for the trip and just wanted to try to do as much as possible while I was there, although I have to say my time there far lived any expectations I could have had to begin with.

Right from when we arrived the city was so vast and inviting, the atmosphere made you want to be there and find out what could be hiding within the city.  Most of the time we were there it was very busy, the overwhelming amount of people could have been intimidating if we hadn’t have tried our best to fit in and experience Berlin in the way of a native.

To ensure we experienced as much as we could in the 5 days we were there we tried to include as many things into a day as we could.  Tuesday through to Thursday our main focus was on the Fashion Week events happening which we had tickets to get into, it was one of the most surreal experiences that I can’t wait to re-live again next year and see what new trends are coming.

Although our focus was on the fashion events for most of the week we also wanted to find some other things to do around Berlin that we could only do while we were there and soak up some culture.  We managed to visit The Berlin Wall, The Reichstag, The Brandenburg Gates, The Cathedral, two art galleries and a museum.

After being in minus degree temperatures all week in Berlin I could honestly say I was looking forward to coming back to the UK hoping it would feel a little warmer, but I was wrong.  Here are some of the outfits I wore while I was away.



Day 1.

After arriving in Berlin we wanted to explore the new city so took a walk down the road at the bottom of the hill and managed to stumble upon the River Spree.  The setting was mesmerising looking out onto the water but the weather had an icy chill.  I am wearing black jeans, a black print t-shirt (River Island), a khaki sweatshirt bomber jacket (Primark), my leather jacket (Topshop) with my black converse, thick black scarf and beanie hat.


Day 2.

Our first full day in Berlin we were focused mainly on visiting some of the fashion events that we had tickets for, although in the morning we decided to walk into the city centre first so that we would find it easier to know our way round for the rest of the week.  Knowing we were visiting some of the events and unsure where they were, or how much walking was involved I chose to wear my black converse because they are the comfiest.  I also wore khaki trousers (Zara), Black knitted Jumper (Primark), Leopard print coat (New Look) and my thick black scarf and leather gloves (H&M).


Day 3.

After a day of visiting events we still had more to see, so ready for another day of events visiting the Ethical Fashion Show and Green showroom as well as Seek and Bright I decided to wear one of my favourite outfits back home and while away.  Here I am wearing black jeans, with my long khaki jumper with side splits (River Island), black leather jacket (Topshop) and my new black boots (Sole Trader).


Day 4.

With us having visited majority of the events we only had one remaining for Thursday which was Panorama.  We were spending the rest of the day exploring Berlin, trying to delve into some more culture before it was time for us to leave.  I decided to wear my favourite skirt at the minute which is silver (Zara), black high neck jumper (New Look), black tights, leopard print coat (New Look) and my black boots (Sole trader) which turned out to be a bad decision with the amount of walking we had to do!


Day 5.

For our last day in Berlin we wanted to be selfish and do something that we would enjoy other than the fashion events so, we decided to find some museums to go and visit.  Luckily we had already found them the night before so we knew that flat shoes would be the better option.  Also I decided to wear something easy to travel in with having a late evening flight back home, so here I’m wearing black converse, black jeans, a black and white striped turtle neck top (Primark), khaki sweatshirt bomber jacket (Primark) and my leather jacket (Topshop) with my thick black scarf, beanie hat and black leather gloves.

Stay posted to hear more about my trip to Berlin!

Holly x



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