Christmas 2016


I still get excited at Christmas every year but for me, Christmas this year just did not feel like Christmas.  For some reason something was different compared to previous years, whether it’s because I’m getting older or because I’m now living away from home something was missing.

 Christmas Day was a quiet one with their only being six of us and no younger children the atmosphere of Christmas was absent.  I spent the evening with my boyfriend and his family which was more enjoyable but still had an underwhelming Christmas feeling.  I enjoyed spending our first Christmas together where our families were included, we spent the late evening opening presents in bed once the family Christmas celebrations had been completed.

Another highlight is finally getting the one thing that I have always wanted,  A Pug!!  Not a real one, but a much cheaper and low maintenance version that I can keep in my flat.


 Boxing day, I spent my time with another side of my family with my younger cousins which created more of a Christmas atmosphere making the day as a whole more like it would usually would be.  My younger cousins are six and four and still believe in Santa which makes the festive period more exciting and magical for them which I think is what Christmas is all about for me now, seeing them enjoying the parts of Christmas that I used to enjoy and look forward to.  We played games, painted nails and even contacted the fairies.

 Hopefully next Christmas will be even better and the magic that was missing will be back and it will feel more like Christmas.

Holly x


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