Charity Bauble

A week project we recently had to cover was to embellish or alter a bauble so that it reflected the designer brand we had been given to research.  A few years previously a company called Studio Seed teamed up with a selection of the UK’s most talented designers who each agreed to design a special, one-of-a-kind Christmas bauble to be won in a prize draw in aid of the NSPCC. Each designer has embellished, painted, prettified and primped each unique bauble!  Some of the baubles they produced were truly unique and interesting to look at which would have only created more interest from the public.

The designer brand that I have been researching is Bottega Veneta The heritage of Bottega Veneta  is intrinsically linked to tradition and history, the drivers of true identity.  Bottega Veneta values its relationship with craftspeople and recognizes the importance of its origins.  Its prized leather workshops remain rooted in a restored villa in Montebello Vicentino, in the Veneto region of Italy.

The sole signature of Bottega Veneta is its distinctive leather weave design, the Intrecciato. Developed at the very start of Bottega Veneta’s evolution, it continues to serve as the most recognizable brand element, allowing for adaptation and reinterpretation in various colors, leathers and exotic skins. The result is always the same – an unmistakable expression of the house.

After some research I decided to focus on the distinctive leather weave design that they are most recognisable for.  I experimented with different types of weaving that I found on objects such as baskets or on flooring as well as some of the weaving designs found in knitwear.  I concluded my design idea with a simple weave design with a leather-look material around the main circumference of the bauble with a tied strap to hang the bauble.


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