Holiday Blues

The winter weather has well and truly hit here, getting colder and colder every day.  The autumnal weather is the perfect setting for Christmas but it’s when that’s all over that the need for a holiday is desired.  Personally I love to go on holiday, be in a different country to explore as well as being in a hotter climate.  The cold weather makes me think about my holidays from earlier on in the year and what I would do to go back and live them all over again or even to visit somewhere new.

My first holiday this year was with my family at the beginning of the summer of our usual destination, Olü Deniz, Turkey.  We have visited the same place for the previous 5 years and stay in a private villa while we are there.  While I love being there I find it becomes more of the same every year and the excitement of going to somewhere new has disappeared.


I was lucky enough to have a second holiday this year with my boyfriend in September we had been looking at holiday destinations and we decided that we wanted to visit somewhere we had never been before.  After a lot of research, we settled on Paphos, Cyprus which had good reviews of beautiful holiday destination close to the coast with a long harbour connecting the beaches of the Cyprus coast.  Cyprus is somewhere that I had never visited so for me the excitement that I had been missing was back, I looked forward to being in a country I didn’t know and being able to explore and experience new things.  We stayed in an all-inclusive hotel which was a first for me too, the hotel was modern and suitable for our needs but very different from what I had been used to when visiting a private villa.  I would happily return for another visit whether it be to the same place or another destination in Cyprus although I would love to travel to other parts of the world first.

I’m already dreaming of the perfect holiday and destination for next summer.

Holly x


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