Young or Old?

Young or old?  Or more like how do you feel?  The ever changing world that we live in now determines what people can say, do or wear depending on their age however none of that should matter.

The main focal point should be to highlight that clothing is an expression that we use throughout our whole lives and that the creation of our identity never seems to be finished but is instead an ongoing process.  What this means is that just because a person is older does not mean they lose the passion and love for clothes that they have.  Everyone should be entitled to present themselves as they choose to without having to worry about what someone else’s opinion might be of them, the only opinion that should matter is your own, and what you think of yourself.

Daphne Selfe is the oldest professional model in the world at the age of 88.  Her desire is to inspire people to embrace all stages of life and truly believe it gets better and better because it can, even if people think otherwise!  She continues to model, travel the world and have new adventures. Daphne’s intentions are to encourage and build confidence through passing on her own knowledge and experiences past, present and future.  Her legacy is shared through her website with her blog Daphne News, and her book, a memoir: The Way We Wore: A Life in Clothes.

I have taken these photographs of my Nannie to represent the issue of fashion and ageing.  We are trying to highlight the style and love of fashion older people still hold and the pride they take in dressing well for their age, being true to themselves.

Holly x


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