Clothes Show Finalist

One of my greatest achievements so far has been being shortlisted as a finalist for the Clothes Show Young Journalist of the Year award.  As a finalist we were invited to the show in the NEC Birmingham along with a guest to attend an awards ceremony where the winners were announced for each competition as well as tickets for the main Fashion Show in the Alcatel Theatre.  On the day we had to arrive by 10.45 to register and we were later seated by the Discovered catwalk to await the results.

The aim of the creative writing challenge was to discuss whether the fashion industry is broken as the main focus of the article as well as analysing the runway concept, designer collections and whether it’s possible to be an ethical consumer.  For my article I explored the history of fashion, to how fashion has changed into ‘Fast fashion’ and the ethical problems that this concept encourages.  Also I discussed the change in the runway concept from seasonal shows to designers now trying a ‘See now, Buy now’ model for catwalk shows to fit into the ever-changing movement of the fashion industry.  I was surprised when I found out about being a finalist as I never expected to have been selected I didn’t even know if my piece was good enough, or whether it was what they were looking for.


After visiting the Clothes Show for the past few years I’m looking forward to the whole new show in Liverpool next July to see how they manage to improve and expand the show further to cover more areas of the fashion industry.

Holly x


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