Metal Workshop – Making Jewellery

I find that you should take the opportunities that arise in order to be able to develop yourself and fill your life with trying new things.  By trying new things, it keeps life interesting and so, I have recently taken part in a jewelry making workshop.  The first step was to choose an image on the computer that you would like to print on the bangle for me this was an easy choice I think rose designs work really well to create a statement.  The selected image was printed, so that we could place and stick the coated metal to the paper where after it was put into a heat press.  The heat press is used to print the photo onto the metal leaving behind a light image on the paper.

I was impressed with the print on the metal the final result was unexpected but a better surprise it was a clear image, that showcased many details but still reflected a statement piece of jewellery because of the design and monochrome colour scheme.  To bend the metal into the right shape I used a special tool which created more of a rough circle shape which I feel adds more personality to the bangle rather than a rolling machine which creates a more defined circle.  I hope to find the event where this bangle is the perfect accessory.

Holly x


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